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Sufficient raw materials, no restrictions on environmental protection policies, and stable supply to major cooperative customersUnique varieties of mines, market protection mechanism, avoiding vicious competition
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Yuekang e-commerce Co., Ltd. was established in 2020 (Dongguan warehouse). At present, the overseas branch was established in 2021. The company has its own natural and cultural stone mines, calcium carbonate powder mines and stone factories (laos).The main varieties of mines in Laos include crystal white, milky white, golden wood grain, pink wood grain and black crystal. They sell well at home and abroad with export class a products and machine cut standard size products. Its own mines have suff

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Reasons for choosing us
Sufficient raw materials
Cooperate with the Lao government in mining cultural stone mines and sign a 50 year mining contract to ensure sufficient supply of goods.
Variety diversity
The main varieties are crystal white, milk white, gold wood grain, pink wood grain, black crystal and other five cultural stone varieties.
High quality
The product has high color purity and color difference of 80% (except pink wood grain), and the back Machine cut plane with no error in size; All products are of export a quality and machine cut Products of standard sizes are sold at home and abroad.
Fast delivery
Support direct whole cabinet or combined cabinet delivery from Laos to China.
Service process

Ocean shipping

Support direct whole container or combined container shipment from Laos to China (sea transportation plus transportation time of 15-20 days)


Dongguan currently has a warehouse to support less than truckload goods


Dongguan currently has a warehouse to support less than truckload goods


Consultation hotline

13728358689(Same as micro signal)


Ken liu
No. 66, Meilin Village, Dalingshan Town, Dongguan City

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